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We specialize in workshops designed to improve processes, solve critical problems, and develop new product and service offerings — while building stronger teams.

Everything we do is focused on delivering immediately useful solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and other complex organizations. We use the right tools to help our clients achieve their goals, pulling from methods such as TOC, Lean, 6S, Appreciative Inquiry, and others.

Sales organizations are unique enough that we cover our sales work in a separate site at Transformative Selling. This site includes our "Close that Sale!" framework for synchronizing sales activities to the prospect's decision making process and our "Create that Sale!" workshops for new service and product ideation and development.

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About Michael

Michael is a physicist who accidentally became a sales & marketing VP and then a Chancellor of a change management institute on the MIT campus. He studied the what and how, and eventually the why of successful initiatives. Now he helps clients "unstick" their teams and businesses.

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How we work with clients

Getting unstuck isn't something that someone does to you, it's a "with" thing. Our role is usually that of active catalyst; working with executives and teams to find, prioritize, and resolve key performance bottlenecks. But everything starts with a dialog...

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