Michael Clingan

A client describes Michael as half physicist and half global business executive. And both have been true. Michael uses systems thinking and other tools to help companies transform processes, interactions, and results. His clients include high tech, healthcare, manufacturing, and business services.  

Michael earned undergraduate degrees in physics and English and was a founding member of Henderson’s Honors Colloquium where he focused on systems thinking and the nature of quality. Michael went on to earn an MS in physics doing experimental work in magnetic resonance at extremely low temperatures.

Michael was recruited while in graduate school to pilot a process improvement program for a large electronics materials manufacturer. He later moved to product engineering and then sales and marketing. He emerged 14 years later having made insane goals year-after-year running global sales organizations.

He moved to consulting and training, founding the C-bridge Institute on the MIT campus to help organizations facing disruptive changes. The Institute grew to 52 faculty and staff and included one of the largest Theory of Constraints (TOC) practices in the world.

The Institute also brought notoriety to its parent company, with Forrester ranking the 700 person C-bridge Internet Solutions ahead of competitors such as IBM and Accenture saying “The firm is a poster child for great training - demonstrated by its educational seminars and the skills transfer built into engagements...

That skills transfer remains a core part of Michael's work. He wants to help leaders and organizations achieve their goals by developing creative solutions to market and internal challenges, improving processes, and organizational alignment. 

Michael is a member of the Ascendant Consortium of highly ranked consultants, the Trebuchet Group, and serves as adjunct faculty and on the Program Advisory Committee of College America. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Good Samaritan Society of Water Valley.

Michael is the author of Close that Sale! A guide for consultative business to business sales.

He lives just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park with his wife and two daughters. 


Mary Louise Luczkowski

Mary Louise, Mary, ML … it doesn’t matter what clients call her, the fact is they sure love to call on her for dynamic insights. Why? Well… Perhaps it’s her lean Six Sigma Green Belt or her methodology around Theory of Constraints or maybe it’s her leadership training from Harvard and entrepreneurial successes including the launch of a new IPO out of MIT.  Combined with her 25 years of Marketing, Customer Experience Strategy, and Customer Engagement across a variety of industries including Hi-tech, Automotive, Healthcare, and Education led to double digit revenue increases and cost savings and successful turnarounds.  We think it’s all of that and, she’s just a super fun, cool person to hang around with.