Sample Projects

Addictions Recovery Center - Process Improvement, TOC, EHR prep

The Addiction Recovery Center of Medford, Oregon was experiencing both growth and EHR implementation pains. We facilitated numerous organizational change and process improvement workshops for the executive team and process owners. He also analyzed client and information flow through the various clinical options. One outcome was the improvement in client intake, which had experienced a 42% fallout rate, so that new clients had their onboarding and first clinical sessions within 90 minutes of arrival.

ABBOTT Diabetes Care - New Market Offer Development

Managers of a $2B business unit with margin pressure were competing for declining marketshare. We facilitated two workshops with fifteen brand managers, the VP of sales, and the EVP of marketing. During those workshops $2B of upside revenue (over a three year period) at current marketshare was identified and a plan developed that did not require additional CAPX or resources as it leveraged existing partnerships in new ways.

Gebauer - New product market analysis

This established pain management supplier required discrete market analysis of a highly technical nature. Our research and analysis provided a sound basis for key strategic decisions. While not a core offering, we are often called upon to do "deep dives" into new market opportunities for products and services where a broad scientific and technical marketing background is required.

Bank of Colorado - Sales Process Improvement

We have worked with the Bank of Colorado at the branch level to create an integrated approach to service and sales and with branch presidents to address merger and growth challenges.

Notore - TOC, Process Improvement

Notore is the only chemical fertilizer producer in sub-Saharan Africa. Built by the Nigerian government, the facility had been abandoned for ten years before being returned to service to produce vital fertilizer. Michael was brought in to establish a common management approach and language amongst the departmental heads – which besides the normal functional silos also included previous government employees, new hires, and foreign contractors. While there he also taught process improvement and project management skills and led the development of new distribution and farmer education models.

Materion - TOC, New Product Offer Development

A division of Materion specializing in medical device components retained Michael to help the company get to the next level. He facilitated a series of executive retreats and workshops to develop a value-added product offer for select customers in Germany, Switzerland, and France. Michael then served as a coach as they executed the new plan. As a result, revenues increased by 65% while profitability doubled over the next three years.

Tata Chemical - Process Improvement, TOC

We identified $20M in annual operational savings opportunities using TOC and Lean approaches during a six day outage process audit. A key component of this audit was the use of TOC's Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) approach which considers not only dependent tasks but also potentially constraining human resources.




Washington State Department of Transportation - Change Management

WA DOT was preparing to launch a $200M IT system architecture project affecting every part of the organization and millions of road and ferry users. The Claymore Group was engaged to access the organization’s ability to accommodate such a large change and to determine how best to gain the buy-in needed for the project. Sixteen workshops were conducted to map the highest value and highest volume business transactions, long duration business processes, to develop a common vocabulary and ontology, and to create a non-disruptive migration plan for the state.

Seagate - PMO, Change Management

Seagate had 1,400 open IT projects and wished to better manage project progress and risks. Originally brought it to develop better project management skills, Michael instead led the development of a Portfolio Management Office capability with a full governance model, common toolset, and a unique archetype based training curricula for project team members.

Lucas Varity - New Product Market Analysis, Sales Process Improvement

Lucas ($3B – UK based) was purchasing Data Entry Products ($6M – US based) at the same time it was merging with Varity ($4B – US based, UK led). Michael facilitated the integration of the Lucas and DEP salesforces, product engineering groups, and operations forecasting resulting in a worldwide rapid prototyping and volume ramp-up capacity serving the cellular handset industry. The newly integrated company achieved over a 60% annual revenue growth rate for five consecutive years.