How many of us have sat through two hours of PowerPoint to bring a new consultant up to speed? We believe that everyone's time is valuable so we prepare (obsessively) and hit the ground running. We do this with training too; customizing our materials to reflect the environment and needs of each client. Sometimes the scope or industry requires us to bring in additional resources — trusted folks who understand and compliment our approach.


Just because we've done similar work somewhere else doesn't mean we know every organization's issues and solutions. 


Sometimes our clients want us to deliver an answer to a market readiness question or an assessment of a challenge. Other times they want us to "help them think better together" and to create alignment around a solution and plan. In either case, we engage as widely and deeply as possible; understanding the root cause of a problem often begins far from the boardroom.


Dialog is more than discussion; it's the creation of shared meaning. Dialog leads to trust, and trust to performance.


We're not afraid to ask the harder questions. We believe that people usually make the best choices available to them and that today's problems are sometimes the result of yesterday's great solutions.


Much of our work is "repeat" business. We deliver value in multiples of our price.