The ABC's and 123's of Process Improvement is a practical guide to making needed changes in how our businesses are run everyday.

Michael Clingan cuts through the clutter of methodologies and acronyms, eliminating the need for belts or certificates, and lays out a core set of powerful and practical tools for process improvement.

This isn't a "dummies" or "made simple" book. Instead, it's a clearly written guidebook that begins with "you are here."

"Here" as processes improvement opportunities arise from just one of three situations:

A. When something that could or should be happening isn't

B. When something that shouldn't be happening is

C. When we don't know what's happening

Building from these ABC's, this book provides executives and managers with step-by-step tools to identify and and create "good enough, soon enough" solutions to their most important process challenges.

Coming Summer 2019!



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I always appreciate Michael’s ability to pick out just the right tool or method to meet the needs of the client right where they are. Any executive or manager who wants the same ability can now follow Michael’s recipe to achieve great results.
— Chris Hutchinson, Author of Ripple, A Field Manual for Leadership that Works
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